Bold, instinctive client galleries and tools built with you in mind

Does your online client gallery solution leave you wanting? We've heard you, and we're building better tools for client-focused photographers and their customers
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Your photography business
has a lot of moving parts.

And we’ve heard you
want a better way…

Introducing Photivo

A new and intuitive way to manage your galleries

So, what’s special
about Photivo?

Workflow-centered uploading

Uploading multiple photos and folders is as easy as drag-and-drop. And don’t worry—you can keep working because your photos will upload in the background.

Actually intuitive navigation

Workflows and efficiency are important. You shouldn't have to be frustrated with poorly designed interfaces and neither should your clients. We put the user experience first.

Edit from any device

Have you ever been away from your computer and have had trouble resending an invite or making a small change? Got a smartphone? Problem solved.

Designed to feel right

Every photoshoot is unique and the look and feel of your galleries should reflect that. Choose the right one from a continuously growing list of layouts.

And of course, the things you’d expect:

Unlimited customer galleries

Easy to use photo sorting

Customizable invitation templates

Private galleries

Custom print pricing

Secure accounts

Custom branding

Client proofing

Mobile downloading

Custom domain names

No Photivo branding

and many more…

Plans & pricing for everyone

We believe Photivo will grow to be one of your most useful and trusted tools. During the initital beta launch, we’ll be offering a substantial discount to select photographers. We’re looking for photographers who would be willing to share feedback to help make this the best product for everyone.


30,000+ Photos*
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450,000+ Photos*
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*Estimated at 32MB per image