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To be entirely clear, I'm asking you to show up and do some work with me to make something incredibly valuable for your business. During our initial beta launch, we will be offering substantial discounts to a limited number of photographers. Do you want to become a "founding customer" and have an early part in shaping a product you can build your business around? I know Photivo will grow to be an amazing platform and I am excited to be stepping forward with you.

I want to build a tribe of photographers that are as passionate about their client delivery tools and Photivo as I am about photographers.

This beta program isn't for everyone. We’re looking for photographers who would be willing to share feedback, answer questions and participate in the community to help make this the best product for everyone and become part of the family.

In return for participating I'm offering for a short time an amazing lifetime discount and throwing in a full year for free. You will also get a personalized 1-on-1 onboarding session with me. When the Photivo app is be made available in April you will get an email with instructions to complete your login setup.

If you sign up now I will reach out to you and schedule a conversation. You will get a login and instructions as soon as the beta release is available in april!

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30,000+ Photos*
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450,000+ Photos*
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*Estimated at 32MB per image

Included in all plans:

1-on-1 onboarding

50% Discount

Second year FREE

Private Facebook group

Discount for life

All future features


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