Hi there, it’s great
to meet you.

If we haven’t connected yet, I’m Russell, and I’m the primary person behind Photivo.

Throughout my life and career I’ve been surrounded by photography and photographers. As a programer, my conversations tend to circle back around to one place: photographers’ frustration with their gallery platform and the number of subscription services they need to run their studio.

Everyone I spoke to was looking for "more" our of their current solution, and when I took a deeper look at what they were using I could see why. And for better or for worse, I see the world through the lens of a developer and could see the systems were more cumbersome than they had to be and lacking in features I would have expected. After a number of conversations, an idea started to take shape…

The concept of an online gallery and sales platform whose driving purpose is to be a partner for business, not just for pretty photo galleries.

My vision is not just to offer another platform. My mission is to re-envision your expectations of the role that platform can play for your whole business, not just the part about your galleries.I'm extending an invite to a limited number of beta users.

I'm extending an invite to a limited number of beta users to partner with me to not only get a great deal but to share your thoughts and feedback so that together we can build the best tools for your photography business.

Russell Brown
Founder, Photivo