Save to Dropbox and Fixes

Feature: Dropbox Saver Button

Your customer doesn't always have a reliable internet connection or is maybe on a device that saving zip files doesn't work or makes the most sense. The Dropbox "Saver Button" is the easiest way for your customer to save their zip files. Once the initial information is collected, with two clicks, Dropbox takes over downloading the files to their servers and your customer can go back to what they were doing. As soon as the download completes, the files will be available on any of their devices connected to Dropbox.

Bug: Secure Gallery Login

There was a bug resulting in the login screen not being shown for galleries locked down to "invited customers only". This has been fixed as well as adding a couple of performance improvement adjustments to the experience.

Bug: Cover Design Settings Page Performance

While changing cover themes in the dashboard for a gallery, it was common for the screen to flash while the next theme was loaded. I've made improvements to the page that eliminate this flash and improve performance on this page while deciding what theme looks best for your client.