Gallery Security Updates

Pin Code Bug Fix

There was an authentication bug that resulted in some users being stuck at the "Enter Your Email" step of authenticating to a gallery with pin code security turned on. This issue has been resolved.

More Options in Gallery Security

Originally you could only add a pin to a gallery that you had guest access turned on for. Now you can add a pin at any time to add an additional layer of security. Once e-commerce rolls out, it will be possible for a customer to have a password-protected account. A password-protected account that has been invited to the gallery will not be required to also enter in the pin code.

Ultra-wide monitor support in galleries

While most clients do not have ultra-wide monitors, many photographers do. I've improved the algorithm used to build automatic layouts for these larger QHD screens. The above screenshot is taken on a 38" curved monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 1600.