Digital Marketplace Released

sell your digital photos online

This week we have released the first version of the marketplace allowing for the sale of digital downloads. You will now be able to sell your photos individually in original and/or social media size. You will now notice multiple new menus and options as you navigate your dashboard.

The first major step in turning on marketplace capabilities is to connect Photivo to your new or existing Stripe account. When you click connect, If you are new to Stripe you will be walked through setting up your account.

From the new price lists page, you will be able to create new price lists to be used with your galleries and set up taxes. You can reuse a pricelist on as many galleries as you want.

Your customer will also have a number of new screens when visiting a gallery that has the marketplace turned on. A shopping cart icon will appear on each image and they will be able to preview the price and confirm the image and add-to-cart. Upon checkout, they will get a thank you page with an opportunity to download their files or view their detailed receipt.

A new customer portal is available for your clients that will be a one-stop location to access past galleries and review orders. Some photographers work with the same clients and vendors multiple times and this will make it easy for them to find their multiple galleries. This will also work across multiple photographers/studios.

There is still plenty of features and growth to come for e-commerce. We will continue to improve the experience and we are actively working on launching integrations with our first print partner WHCC and coming very soon will be the ability to bundle the entire gallery as one sale instead of individual purchases.