Faster client gallery load times

We've made improvements to the core engine that fetches and renders client galleries resulting in a 25% - 35% decrease in load times. On the extremes, we were seeing sometimes as much as 2.1 seconds to "time to interactivity" and our average time to interactivity is now down to around 1.1 seconds on our demo gallery.

We are also now rendering a more correct page title using the gallery name and studio name as well as fixing a bug that resulted in some galleries not correctly rendering the link preview data. This link preview data is used if you share a gallery over apps like iMessenger and social media such as Facebook.

As an example, the image above is what you would see on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin if you were to share a client gallery URL on one of those services.

Demo Photos by Carly Michelle Photography
Cover photo by Braden Collum