New Discounts and Coupons Engine

Discounts can be an important part of your business and help shape how you do sales and marketing. Today we are releasing our new discounts engine with our first "Download Xx For Free" discount with more to come in the near future

Your customers will have two opportunities to add a discount code. Once in the cart and then again on the final checkout step. You will be able to allow multiple uses of discount codes if you choose, but each discount code will be locked to a once time usage per customer.

Now that the core engine for processing discounts has been released, we will start to build out more discount options in the coming weeks as we release more e-commerce features. These initial discount types cover the primary sales strategies and a little extra.

  • Percentage Off
  • Xx Dollars Off
  • Buy One Get One (BOGO) / Multi-Buys
  • Free Shipping
  • Gift with Purchase