Improved gallery downloads and other tweaks

Over the last couple of weeks, we have released dozens of small little improvements while we work on completing our integration with and I wanted to highlight just a few of them.


The first is an improvement to bulk downloads. This affects free downloads as well as digital purchases. A very small percentage of users were receiving an error on their first attempt to download a zip file related to a network error on the final step in the zip file creation process. I've made improvements to this communication layer and redundancy to make this more bulletproof. We are continuing to monitor this area of the application closely and make adjustments for the best experience possible.


Many updated button styles and refreshed login screen. There were a number of areas in the application with an older button style and functionality. These have almost all been updated with a matching design and mechanics and a number of action buttons were moved to have better consistency across tools.

Gallery Layout Improvements

Sometimes you just need to upload a gallery or have a set with only a few photos in it. Improvements have been made to the gallery layout algorithm so that a small count of photos will not be too massive on the screen or have poor layouts.