Minimum Checkout Amount Rule

Require a minimum purchase to proceed with checkout

If there is one thing that is the same among all photographers, it's that each one has their own unique approach to their business and sales. To give you even more control over your sales experience, we are offering a new optional feature that will allow you to specify a minimum amount to complete the checkout process. We have also updated the experience of editing the name & description of a pricelist, which is where you will be able to find this new option.

in a case where a customer checking out does not meet the minimum checkout requirement, they will be given a message with details as to why they can't continue, and the checkout box will be disabled.

This new option is not for most photographers, and I would advise using this newfound power wisely since if wielded incorrectly, it could easily result in fewer sales. This strategy will most often find itself at home when paired with lower-priced digital downloads and a larger number of customers per gallery such as group events.